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This morning as I was praying to the Lord, I got up off my knees to go and receive communion. Most of you are aware that communion is quite special, and should be taken on an individual basis.

Since I did not have any bread, I decided to take a cracker in place.

Upon opening the container housing the crackers, I then took a broken piece in my hand. It was then that the Holy Spirit impressed on my heart the following. “I was to take a whole cracker, not a broken piece.” Then I thought for a moment about what this implied, it became clear what God was proposing to me.

Jesus came and gave His all, He never gave a part or a piece of Himself for us. He became the absolute sacrifice and complete offering for God and mankind. Many times we give God a portion of ourselves, we always seem to fit Him into our agenda. Maybe a quick early morning or short late-night prayer, we offer Him a portion of our hearts.

But God deserves all of us at any time and at any moment. He is not necessarily demanding of us to stop at any moment to offer ourselves to Him. He is only asking that when we do, we offer all and not a piece of ourselves. Giving Him our full heart's attention in times of prayer and meditation is more important than the time of day we do it.

He deserves more than a piece of our life, but all our heart, soul, and body. We must make this a practice in our communion with Him so that nothing else will take His place. He deserves it all.

Pastor Richard

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